GS (078930)

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow

Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow
Cash Flows from Operating Activities 1,306.51,269.21,586.41,738.21,013.9
Net Income 1,091.91,030.5668.9-187.81,614.7
Addition of Expenses, Not Involving Cash Outflows 1,795.92,256.52,720.02,773.43,140.3
Deduction of Revenues, Not Involving Cash Inflows 949.4844.4521.0337.51,734.1
Changes in Assets and Liabilities from Operating Activities 6.7-236.4-167.4180.4-820.9
Cash Flows from Investing Activities -1,418.2-835.9-343.8-1,424.0-1,424.3
Cash Inflows from Investing Activities 334.8749.3756.9793.22,267.5
Cash Outflows from Investing Activities 1,753.01,587.31,100.72,217.23,691.7
Cash Flows from Financing Activities 334.5-515.0-1,166.4-296.8863.7
Cash Inflows from Financing Activities 1,781.8927.56,718.64,868.05,664.4
Cash Outflows from Financing Activities 1,259.61,239.57,655.84,910.54,564.2
Increase (or Decrease) in Cash 219.4-69.683.16.1462.2