Total Assets (Unit:₩B)

Total Liabilities (Unit:₩B)

Total Shareholders’ Equity (Unit:₩B)

Balance Sheet

Total Assets 13,73019,94223,764
Current Assets 5,0569,0869,536
Non-Current Assets 8,67410,85614,228
Total Liabilities 9,03912,37615,022
Current Liabilities 5,2966,8899,474
Non-Current Liabilities 3,7445,4875,548
Total Shareholders’ Equity 4,6917,5658,742
Capital Stock 4,3456,878100
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income -331406
Other Reserves 379686-
* The financial statements from Jan.2019-Nov.2020 are combined carve out before split-off date Dec. 1, 2020.
* The company had not separated at the time of Dec. 31 2019. Capital, capital surplus, and retained earnings are not separately recorded, and we had recorded those items as a 'Net investment capital'.And we have recorded same as Dec. 31 2020.
* The 2020 statement of financial position is as of December 31, 2020 (after split-off).