from Operating Activities (Unit:₩B)

from Investing Activities (Unit:₩B)

from Financing Activities (Unit:₩B)

Statement of Cash Flow

Cash Flows from Operating Activities 395979-580
Cash generated from operations 3981,576-261
Interest received 320146
Interest paid -6-71-120
Income tax paid 0-546-345
Dividend received 0--
Cash Flows from Investing Activities -885-2,178-6,259
Cash Inflows from Investing Activities 141,7596,461
Cash Outflows from Investing Activities -8983,93712,720
Cash Flows from Financing Activities -20388311,415
Cash Inflows from Financing Activities 332,22913,684
Cash Outflows from Financing Activities -2361,3462,269
Increase (or Decrease) in Cash -692-2104,655
* The financial statements from Jan.2019-Nov.2020 are combined carve out before split-off date Dec. 1, 2020.
* The cash flow statement for 2020 is from Dec. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020 (after split-off).